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Paris Part Deux

I have to get these out before I run back to the city I adore again( I know it is a tragedy). I wanted to share this Pairs with everyone the way I got to share it with my son and husband. Watching my son take in the sites was the most amazing experience. Even more then enjoying the sites and smells and art my first time it was even better seeing it all in his eyes.

We took the Eurostar from London to Paris. The first picture is of the bridge we passed under and then we wandered to Notre Dame. I love the sculpture and the way the light falls but in my heart of hearts I must admit I was longing to get to my favorite crepe cart in Paris. He serves salted caramel crepes right by Notre Dame and on the banks of the Seine.
The first time I saw the Lourve I thought I would cry. To me it is a place that holds some of the best that imagination and skill can bring to the world. It was a privilege to show it to my son. We were lucky enough to stop by when Psyche and Eros was on display.Outside was my father’s favorite sculpture The Kiss.
The rest of these were taken in the Montmartre Cemetery where we were followed by ravens and cats, the wall of love, and our little wanderings along the farmer’s markets oh and the Eiffel Tower at dusk!
So excited to run back!

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