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Hearst Castle and Carmel

I do have the most amazing and wonderful husband. It has been six years and he is still my best friend and the one I can’t keep my hands off of. OK enough grossing everyone out the point is that even though I adore this man we have barely seen each other. In steps the most wonderful parents offering to full on Grandparent genius to both kids for an ENTIRE weekend. Two entire days with my husband in a car driving south. We had the most wonderful time from hanging out at Jade Beach, stopping at the Peonix Cafe, and of course proving that their are amazing castles (well at least one). at the Hearst Castle. Please forgive me but part of being with my husband was leaving the camera so all of these are thanks to my iPhone. Check out the pictures taken at Phoenix Cafe at sunset. Divine food, best drinks, and view of Humpbck whales.
Monica Michelle

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