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I chose this picture I took in New York because it is a bit of how I feel. Standing, observing, and a big busy world imposed on the outside. Ok enough moody chatter here’s what is happnening.

From past posts you all know I have a connective tissue disease Ehlers Danlos Syndrome , or in true perfect humor EDS. This has limited my mobility but there was still more fun to come. Many EDS patients have multiple disorders (hear the cheering in the background?) I started to have trouble with standing or sitting up and went to the Dr and was diagnosed with POTS. The acranyms seriously medical professionals name diseases better.

So what this means is along with constant dislocations my heart has a difficult time bring the blood back to itself. 

Professionally still shooting? Yes, but only twice a month so if youw ould like sat appointments please email or call.

The move. Due to the entire dislocating blood missing from heart thing we had to move. Not far we are just back over in Castro Valley. In the next month or so I will be building a studio here on my property or I can meet you in a location of your choice (If you’ve noticed newborns in home have become a favorite of mine).

Any questions as always email me or call me.

Monica Michelle

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The perfect Sat is a newborn session with a wonderful family and great pets. It was a great morning with wonderful conversation, a darling baby girl, and the most loving pup.
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Monica Michelle


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